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Planning a home improvement? Perfection shouldn’t be your focus

By August 30, 2022Home
planning a home improvement

Planning a home renovation can be a daunting task. Even taking on the most minor project can cause a massive disruption to your day-to-day life. Don’t add to your stress by trying to have everything perfect as soon as the project is completed. Instead, focus on getting the practicalities right and the rest can come in time. Here are five reasons why striving for immediate perfection isn’t wise.

Your needs and tastes may change over time

When you make changes to your home, you need time to get used to the new layout or décor. It’s much better to wait and see how you settle into the space before adding finishing touches. Over time you might find your needs or tastes will change. 

How to create flow

Trends will date

When planning a home improvement remember that Interiors trends move almost as quickly pay as fashion trends nowadays. What’s ‘in’ now may be outdated next season. 

Introducing trends in a way that can be easily updated is the best way to work with them. You can refresh paint and accessories easily and inexpensively, so try experimenting with them before committing to something more costly or permanent.

Rushing your decisions can lead to costly mistakes

When planning a home improvement rushing to have everything perfect can also mean you make impulsive purchases you may regret later. You’re more likely to spend too much money and then find yourself stuck with something you feel you can’t get rid of because of how much it cost.

Sometimes it isn’t possible to find the perfect mirror for your hall or the right lamp for your sitting room, but it’s far better to wait until you stumble upon it than buy something to fill the gap. 

A home should evolve

The other problem with rushing into buying everything is the danger of your house feeling staged and more like a showhouse than a home. A home is for living in and should evolve as you grow into it. Try to enjoy the process of finishing each room. Accumulate things you love and that represents something special to you. 

Paint holiday home

Don’t worry about empty spaces

Don’t worry about having empty shelves or spaces in your home. We all accumulate stuff over time. So I promise you will eventually fill the space! But less is more. Be fussy about what you surround yourself with. Do the items spark memories or tell a story? Take things at your own pace and don’t put yourself under undue pressure.

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