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7 of the top home interior & design trends for 2022

By February 15, 2022Home
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It’s fair to say the last two years have been somewhat defining for home design. We’ve experienced a shakeup of our needs, expectations and plans for our homes. From working and exercising at home to staying in and making our homes more comfortable, our priorities have changed. As we move into what is hopefully a more ‘normal’ year, how will the past 24 months influence design trends for the coming year? Here are some of the key design trends to watch in 2022.

A race for space

Everyone spending more time at home has resulted in a demand for more space in our homes. Extension projects like converting a garage or attic to make space for working from home and building a garden room as a multipurpose space for exercising and a hangout for teenagers were popular in 2021. 

The need for more space has also put pressure on the housing market. People looking to trade up to gain space are fueling house price increases. However, the cost of renovating means that it’s often more cost-effective to extend the home you have than to renovate a newly purchased home from scratch – so the trend of extend is set to continue.

Casual comfort

The world of fashion and interior trends become more and more aligned every year. With fashion, we’ve seen a huge move away from formal attire. The tie, high heels and the suit have been passed over for a more comfortable and effortless, yet no less chic look. Interiors are following suit (pardon the pun). 

Formal decor is being replaced by more comfortable, relaxed styles. From oversized sofas in plush fabrics to tactile floor finishes like cork, our choices for furniture and finishes will be driven by comfort. Formal rooms will continue to be sacrificed to make space in homes, and sumptuous accessories like deep pile rugs and textured cushions will be big this year.

Energy efficiency

Making our homes more comfortable also means ensuring they are warm and free from draughts. Projects like replacing windows and upgrading insulation and heating systems were popular in 2021. Government incentives for retrofitting homes make doing this kind of work more attractive. Improving our home’s energy efficiency is another trend that will continue in 2022.

Hiring an architect

Stuff audit

For 2022 less will definitely be more. I’m not suggesting that we embrace a minimalist lifestyle, but there is a firm move away from filling our homes with stuff. 

Many of us embarked on a clear-out of some sort or other over the last 24 months and were shocked to discover the number of things we had which we didn’t need, want or use. This has led to a more considered approach to shopping for things for our homes.

Stuff is also the enemy of space. By owning and purchasing less, we will have more room in our homes. And being more mindful about what we’re buying, where it comes from and whether or not it will ultimately contribute to waste.

There is also a desire to make more sustainable choices when it comes to furnishing and decorating our homes. There was a renewed interest in second hand or ‘pre-loved’ and antique furniture last year. This trend is one that is tipped for growth this year.

Top tips to create greater flexibility at home, inside & out


A need for more flexibility in our homes is one of the design trends that will continue into this year. From reclaiming unused space to choosing furniture that can multitask, flexibility is the key to both future-proofing your home and making it work more efficiently.

The marketplace is responding to this trend and there are now more and more products available that enable this kind of flexibility throughout the home. From cordless portable lamps to furniture that is suitable for inside and outside, expect to see lots more options for multitasking pieces in the shops this year.


Earthy tones will be the foundation of colour palettes for 2022, from rich terracottas to mellow murky greens. This year’s colour trends are both warm and inviting. Creamy off-whites, soft mineral blues and delicate biscuit shades will all be big in interior wall colours.

new windows

Healthy Homes

Many of us have begun to pay more attention to our health and well-being in the last 24 months, whether it’s making time to exercise regularly and get fit, cooking more and eating healthier, or improving our sleep and reducing stress. 

Whether it’s creating a space to exercise or work from home that is easy to use or connecting with nature more to reduce stress, creating ways to encourage these good habits will be a focus for home design this year. 

Projects like building space in the garden to work out or work from home, adding a window seat to a living space, or simply introducing a few house plants will all be on the agenda this year.

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