Case Studies

Take a look at some real examples where our clients have transformed their homes with the support of the Optimise Home architects and interior designers.

Home Office

Home Office Guide

We share our tips for how to keep focused, connected, productive, collaborative, energised and sane without the usual office environment and facilities.

How to budget for a home renovation

Budget Breakdown

We share our tips to show what spend is involved and how much should be allocated to each area.

Our Guide to Storage

We share our tips for creating storage that will perfectly optimise even the most modest space.

Weekly Tracker

We’ve created a free workbook specifically designed to track a typical week at home to help you identify what is and isn’t working in your home.

Our Kids Room Guide

Get our guide to creating a kids space that will adapt and evolve with your children as they grow and check out our blog post too.

Our Guide To Creating A Relaxing Bedroom

Our Insider Bedroom Guide is full of useful tips on how to create a restful and relaxing space that guarantees a great night’s sleep.

Our Guide To Open Plan Living

Open-plan living can be tricky to get right. From noise to clutter, there are many ways that this way of living can become a headache.

A Guide to Starting your Project

Finishing out a home renovation is often the toughest part of the experience. This is when you have to decide what to push for and...

Our Guide to choosing colour for your home

Our colour guide will help you to understand why specific colours work and others don’t and will provide you with...

victorian house renovation dublin

Making a Period Home work for a Modern Living

The layout of period homes often doesn’t work for modern families, especially on ground-floor level, which traditionally was configured as a series of rooms...

Unworkable Layout

Our clients had just bought this home when they approached us. The layout did not work for them: the ground floor was a series of small interconnecting rooms that simply didn’t...

Unused Sunroom

The brief for this project was to replace the existing sunroom which was unused and blocked a lot of light from the kitchen. We replaced this with a new...

A Home to Grow Into

Our clients had previously extended their home with the intention of adding square footage. They had built a costly extension to the rear of the house. Instead of creating a more...

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