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6 Simple Strategies To help you Make Renovation Decisions like a Pro

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We make tens of thousands of choices each day. From whether to hit the snooze button when our alarm goes off to whether to watch just one more episode of whatever show we’re streaming or go to bed. Our days are simply a series of endless decisions we need to navigate. Throw a home renovation into the mix, and the complexity and number of choices can skyrocket. It’s crucial to develop strategies for efficient decision-making; otherwise, you risk falling into the trap of decision fatigue and overwhelm. If you’re planning on embarking on a home renovation this year, here are six tips to help you streamline the process and make confident, informed decisions every step of the way.

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Start Small, Dream Big

Home renovation projects can feel overwhelming when viewed as a whole. To mitigate this, adopt the “dream big, act small” approach suggested by James Clear. Break your big vision into a comprehensive list of all the tasks that need to be completed to help get you started. But instead of writing a long, overwhelming to-do list, take the time to schedule these tasks. Use a calendar to plot everything you need to do. This will help you prioritise and determine a sequence to get things done. For example, your first task might include working out your budget or getting advice from an architect or builder to see if your plan is possible. Focus on one task at a time. Small steps taken consistently can lead to significant progress. 

Streamline Your Inspiration

Social media can be a valuable source of inspiration when planning a home renovation, but the abundance of ideas can be overwhelming. Regularly review your inspiration images to make the most of these digital resources and help you avoid getting lost in the sea of endless options. Identify recurring themes for each room and consider creating separate boards for different rooms or design elements to avoid visual clutter and maintain focus. Editing your images in this way will help you narrow your choices and develop a clear vision for your project. The habit of continually refining your vision boards will streamline your inspiration, helping you make more informed design decisions.

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Seek Feedback from a Select Few

If there’s one thing that will derail your decision-making process, it’s seeking opinions from too many people. While gathering a wide range of views is tempting, doing so can lead to confusion and indecision. Instead, identify a trusted advisor who can provide constructive feedback and productively challenge your thinking. This could be your partner, architect, family member, or friend with design or construction experience. Rely on this individual to offer valuable insights and perspectives and be open to their feedback. Once a decision is made, trust your choice and avoid second-guessing yourself. Seeking constant validation or reconsidering your decisions can lead to decision fatigue and undermine your confidence in your choices. Remember, this is your home; others may not share your tastes or ideas, so choose someone who can offer impartial advice.  

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Get Organised with a Schedule

Few things are more stressful than having to make important decisions under pressure. This is a recipe for errors and potential budget overruns. And once the work starts on your home, your builder will need answers to a seemingly never-ending series of questions. The best way to ensure you have all the answers is to create a schedule at the beginning of the project outlining when key decisions need to be made. Request a program of work from your builder that includes deadlines for your input on items such as sanitary ware installation or tiling start dates. 

By sticking to this schedule, you’ll stay ahead of the contractor and minimise stress. Additionally, consider creating a timeline for smaller decisions, such as choosing paint colours or fixtures. By planning ahead and scheduling your decisions, you’ll maintain control and reduce the likelihood of last-minute choices that could compromise your design or budget. 

Delegate Responsibly

Being involved in the decision-making process during your home renovation is important, but you don’t need to make every single choice. Micromanaging a home renovation project will leave you feeling exhausted and stressed. To avoid this, prioritise decisions that require your input, such as style preferences, budget allocation, and personal touches then delegate the rest. Trust the professionals you’ve hired to utilise their expertise for other aspects. Give your input when needed, but avoid over-involvement. 

By strategically delegating decisions to the experts, you can reduce stress knowing a qualified professional is handling each aspect of the renovation. Delegation will allow you to focus on the elements most important to you and maintain a sense of control over the overall direction of the project. It’s the difference between hating every minute of your dream makeover or enjoying the process.

Trust Your Gut

Believe it or not, your instinctive reactions reflect your real feelings about a design more accurately than logic. Overthinking can lead to poor choices. A study in the Journal of Consumer Research found that buyers who deliberated less before purchasing big-ticket items were more satisfied with their choices. “Intuitive first impressions can be telling, especially when it comes to aesthetic purchases,” says David G. Myers, author of Intuition: Its Powers and Perils. When overthinking aesthetic decisions, we tend to choose items based on how we believe others will perceive them. Trust your gut – an emotional response and can lead you to choices that genuinely resonate with you, even if you struggle to articulate why.

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