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Why hiring an architect is necessary for a home improvement project

By June 28, 2022Home

Hiring an architect for your home renovation or extension project isn’t just a good idea; it’s essential. OK, as an architect, I would say that. But a well-designed home will dramatically improve the quality of your life.

So hiring an expert to ensure that the utmost care and attention goes into how it is reconfigured or extended should be a priority. Here are five ways hiring an architect will benefit any home renovation project.

Hiring an architect will save you money. 

Hiring an architect is about much more than hiring someone who will provide a great design. A good architect, experienced in home design, will save you money and guide you through the process every step.

From initial design ideas to recommendations for trades and suppliers, your architect has a wealth of experience you can tap into.

The build process, in particular, can be daunting and stressful. Architects understand the process inside out and will be able to prepare and assist you, so you don’t become overwhelmed.

They will advise when certain decisions need to be made and will be there to answer questions from the builder as they arise. Once the builder starts on-site, things move quickly. You will need to make many decisions in a short time and unless you have the answers, you could face delays and a lot of extra expense.

You’ll have access to reputable tradespeople & suppliers

Experienced architects will have built relationships with contractors, builders and suppliers. All of whom will be relying on the architect for future work, so you will be far more likely to deliver a good service than you would get if you manage the build yourself.


Hiring an architect

You’ll get guidance on how to add value to your home

Architects can advise what will add value and what won’t. They will also tell you where it’s worth spending on structural elements and where you can scale back, such as with finishes etc., to ensure you stay on budget.

Sometimes people feel that sharing their ideas will influence the architects’ designs, but this is not the case. The more information you can give, the better the outcome will be. You know your home and will have ideas about how you want to change it. It’s essential that you communicate these to your architect so they understand what your vision for your home is and can offer a solution that best suits you.

An architect will see what you don’t

A good architect will ask you questions about how you currently use your home and what your hope for the new design will be. This kind of analysis will allow them to develop solutions that solve your problems both now and in the future. Their training enables them to take an impartial view and come up with ideas you would never have considered yourself.

Architects are trained to look for untapped potential. They will be able to think practically as well as creatively. They will be able to see areas where you could make better use of space and help you achieve your vision, ensuring your home looks great and functions well too.

Hiring an architect

Hiring an architect is an investment.

Rather than looking at it as an expense, view hiring an architect as an investment in your home. The more you can improve your property, maximise the available space or even get permission for a larger extension, the more you stand to increase its value. By engaging an architect, you can create a home that works for you and your family. You’ll get the best value for money and create something you couldn’t have done better yourself.

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