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Want to win a 1-hour consultation with us worth €450?

By February 1, 2022Home
February challenge win a prize

Are you up for a challenge & the chance to win a 1-hour consultation with us worth €450?

A Chinese proverb says, “If you want to change your life, move 27 things in your home.”

According to Chinese folklore moving 27 things in your home will activate the Chi or life force energy in your space. Why 27 things? Because 27 is related to the number 9 (2+7=9), a powerful number in Feng Shui is linked to tripling fortune (27=3×9).

February challenge win a prize

As there are only 28 days in February, we thought it was the perfect month to give this a try.

Starting Tuesday 1st February, we’d like you to move one thing in your home each day until the 27th. At the end of the challenge, we hope you’ll have given your home and yourself a whole new lease of life. And don’t be afraid to do a bit of decluttering and clearing out along the way. We love a bit of home organisation at Optimise Home, so keep a record of your progress and any positive changes.

Here’s what you need to do to win.

Make sure you’re following @optimisehome on Instagram

Starting on Tuesday 1st February, move one thing in your home each day until the 27th.

Please keep us posted on your progress by tagging us in your stories and using the hashtag #myoptimisehome

We’ll announce the winner on Monday 28th February on Instagram Stories & our Facebook page.

Best of Luck

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