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Want to Transform Your Home Stress-Free? 7 Practical Tips to Make Renovations a Breeze

By June 20, 2023Home
Want to Transform Your Home Stress-Free? 7 Practical Tips to Make Renovations a Breeze

Undergoing any kind of home renovation can be a stressful experience, impacting you and your family. Dust, chaos, and the presence of tradespeople can take a toll on even the most patient individuals. However, with proper planning and effective communication with your contractor, the process can become more bearable. Here are some tips to make your renovation experience smoother

Consider temporary accommodation

If your renovation project is extensive, it may be ideal to temporarily move out, if possible. While finding short-term rentals might be challenging, you can try scheduling holidays or staying with family or friends during the most disruptive phase of the project. Discuss this with your contractor beforehand to coordinate the schedule.

Thoroughly research and select a contractor

Before hiring a contractor, gather recommendations from neighbors or friends who have had similar work done. Request references from potential contractors and, if possible, visit the homes of their previous clients to assess the quality of their work. It’s crucial to have confidence in your chosen contractor’s ability to deliver the project on time and within budget.

Want to Transform Your Home Stress-Free? 7 Practical Tips to Make Renovations a Breeze

Plan around your family’s needs

Take into account important events or commitments, such as exams, family gatherings, or personal milestones. If feasible, schedule the renovation during a period when the disruption caused by builders would be less inconvenient for your family.

Request a detailed work schedule

Prior to the commencement of the project, ask the contractor to provide a comprehensive program of the planned works. This will help you anticipate any inconveniences, such as power or water outages, and understand which areas of the house will be inaccessible during specific times. Discuss arrangements for bathroom facilities, parking, working hours, and minimizing the impact on neighbors.

Prepare the work areas

Clear out the spaces where the contractors will be working. Empty cupboards, remove furniture, pictures, curtains, and blinds. Store these items in a different room or off-site storage. Cover any remaining furniture with plastic sheeting and seal unused rooms with tape.

Want to Transform Your Home Stress-Free? 7 Practical Tips to Make Renovations a Breeze

Communication with the contractor

Ensure your contractor is comfortable with you residing in the house during the renovation. Although most contractors prefer vacant houses, discuss establishing a designated area where you can retreat from the chaos. Collaborate with the contractor to arrange a makeshift sink and cooking area, and be prepared to adjust your living arrangements as necessary.

Managing dust and disruption

Despite the builders’ best efforts, dust and disruption are inevitable. Keep doors closed and wipe down surfaces daily in areas where you sleep and cook to minimize dust accumulation. Maintaining cleanliness in these crucial spaces will help create a more livable environment.

By following these updated tips, you can navigate your home renovation with greater ease and minimize the stress associated with the process.

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