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Quick and easy updates to spruce up your outdoor space

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With the glimmer of summer comes the anticipation that we will be able to spend more time outside. The memory of last year’s glorious weather brings more hope than previous years – so now is the perfect time to get your outdoor space in order.

Whether you have a small apartment terrace or a suburban back garden, here are a few Ideas to help transform your outdoor space this summer.

Plan your outdoor space

Plan the layout of your outdoor space

Think of your outdoor space like you would a room in your home. Plan where your dining table will go and where any seating would be. Think about where the sun is and what areas in the garden or terrace suit dining and  seating areas best.

Comfort is key

Make any seating area as comfortable as possible. Use cushions and throws to encourage lounging. A great idea for small outdoor spaces is to use floor cushions as seating – they won’t take up too much space and can be easily stored away or even used indoors during the colder months.

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 Treat your outdoor space like an indoor room

Outdoor rugs are great for covering up unsightly surfaces and help to define a space. Making your outdoor space just as cosy as your living room will encourage you to start to spend more time outside. With our unpredictable weather keep a pile of throws handy to ward off any evening chills.

Potted plants outdoor space

Create interest with potted plants

Whether you are surrounded by trees and bushes or flanked by walls, adding in some key decorative plants in beautiful containers will help dress up any patio or deck space. Think about the style you are going for – tropical or country garden. Vary the size, shape, and types of greenery for a natural and dynamic look and be sure to display them in attention-getting pots for added beauty.

Introduce lighting

Exterior lighting is a great way to create ambiance and means you can spend more time outdoors in the evening. Planting lights are a lovely way to highlight any nice plants or trees in your garden. Wall lights are very effective in patio spaces and great for highlighting any nice architectural features. Decorative lighting is an easy and inexpensive way to dress up any area – solar powered garland style lights are easy to install and will give a lovely soft glow.

Style your outdoor space

Style your outdoor space

Styling is what turns an ordinary space into something special. When styling your outdoor area treat it as you would any other room in your home. Incorporate decorative accessories to add personality and flair. From stylish hurricane lanterns to vintage garden stools, keep an eye out for striking pieces that will create impact in your garden. This final layer of décor will set your space apart and inject a unique aesthetic into your exterior living space making it the only place you ‘ll want to spend time in this summer.

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