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Testimonials: What our clients say about the Optimise Home Architects

Donal & Veronicas Story

When Donal and his wife Veronica contacted us they had just bought their first home. The house had not been renovated since the 1980s and with a small narrow kitchen, freezing cold sunroom and separate sitting room the layout did not work.

They had a fixed budget and a good idea about what the needed to do but they were not sure where to start. They were also worried about how to use their budget to achieve what the wanted.

Our new home was in need of complete renovation, we knew what we wanted but we felt a professional home design service would be an investment in our home, potentially increasing the value and maximising every opportunity.’

It can be daunting contacting an architect. The fear that it will be expensive and eat into the budget that you have for doing the work is often something that stops people from looking for advice.

Optimise Home

This is one of the main reasons that we created Optimise Home. Optimise Home offers a way to engage with an architect without the worry of a large financial commitment. In the past we’d met so many homeowners who had bypassed an architect to save money and were left with a layout that didn’t work and a lot of work that needed to be undone.

‘I was concerned about contacting an architect. Would they offer a range of options and discuss the most economic and appropriate design for our requirements. Can they find solutions that will realise the full potential of our home? Then we discovered OH and were attracted by the pay as you go solution for working with an architect.’

The Process

Donal and Veronica first met us in October of 2016 and together we created a detailed brief that helped us to build up a clear picture about their needs and how they wanted to live in their new home.

‘At the start of our project we met to discuss in detail our requirements and aspirations. The OH team provided a number of alternative design proposals, a two-way process where we soon knew that they fully understood the brief and that any suggestions being made were in keeping with the innovative design solution.’

We met again 4 weeks later and presented a number of options. After discussing the budget implications of each they settled on an option to convert the small box bedroom into a family bathroom and to take out the ensuite in the master bedroom which had no natural daylight. By doing this both of the bedrooms got larger and there was a lot more space for wardrobes and storage.

‘One of the items on our wishlist was a walk-in wardrobe, the OH team showed us this option and explained that it was not the best use of space for our layout. It was really helpful to have this kind of practical advice to help us focus on where to invest and where to pull back.’

We also opened up the ground floor to create an open plan kitchen and dining space with corner glazing to the garden. The addition of sliding doors between the front sitting room and the open-plan space to the rear gave flexibility in how space could be used.

house renovation dublin ireland

With design and budget agreed, the project really took off making the process simple & painless. The OH team recommended builders and suppliers and they were fantastic to deal with. We felt we were in very safe and experienced hands.’

home improvements dublin

The Result

Without getting expert advice you risk making mistakes that can cost you money. The right advice will not only give you a great design but it will also give you peace of mind that what you are doing is the best possible solution for your needs and your budget.

A professional home design service will solve your problems, save you money and make your life easier.’

‘With our Optimise Home designs, we now had a plan for our home renovations and the confidence that they were achievable with our budget.’

Our homes are the places that we spend the most important times with those who matter most so investing in how the are designed is not only a good idea but its essential. A well-designed home offers so much more than aesthetic appeal it will dramatically enhance your wellbeing.

We have a truly exceptional family home that surpasses all our expectations.’

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