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7 sure fire ways to boost your homes kerb appeal

By September 21, 2021Home, Home Improvement
how to create kerb appeal

When it comes to the outside of our homes it tends to be the back garden that tends to get all of the attention meaning the front garden is often overlooked. But for visitors, passers-by and even potential buyers, your home’s exterior and kerb appeal is what creates the first impression, so it’s worth spending a little bit of time making sure it is welcoming and inviting. Here are 7 easy updates to guarantee that your home will start turning heads.

1. Front door

If your door is in poor condition you might want to consider replacing it. Not only will this help to dramatically improve your homes kerb appeal but its will also help with making your home more secure and warmer for the colder months ahead.

You should budget in the region fo 1800 for a new composite door, but prices will vary depending on what you choose. If your budget doesn’t stretch to a new front door consider updating your current door with a fresh coat of paint.

Have fun with this and move away from traditional shades like black, red and green. Instead opt for something brighter and fresher.Colours like rich sandy shades work really well or try something fun and vibrant for real impact.

My brother painted his door in a vibrant turquoise, all of the other doors on his street are painted in traditional hues, he now has people ringing the doorbell asking what colour it is!

2. Ironmongery

Replacing door knockers, numbers and letterboxes is a great way to spruce up your front door. New ironmongery is also a fantastic way to get your style across.

Whether you prefer vintage brass, contemporary chrome or traditional black wrought iron there is a multitude of styles to choose from and something to fit everyone’s budget.

Antique shops and salvage yards are great places to source unusual fittings for those on a tight budget. If you love your existing brassware, but it is looking a little tired you can have it refinished, this is relatively inexpensive and will bring old door knobs and knockers back to life. Guaranteed to boost kerb appeal.

3. Lighting

Aside from the practical advantages, lighting the front of your home is a fantastic way to create interest and make your home feel welcoming.

There’s nothing more uninviting than arriving home to a dark house. Lighting around the front door will instantly make your home feel welcoming.

Add recessed lighting beneath the eaves or fit LED lights into a path. This will not only be a lovely feature but is also a great security measure. Consider bringing lighting into your flower beds, or choose something of interest like a tree or feature on the front of your house and light it well.

Stand Out on Your Street - Simple Ways to Boost Your Home's Kerb Appeal

4. Greenery

Planting is a fantastic way to make any garden look more appealing. It will instantly soften hard landscaping and make the space feel more inviting. Tidy up your flower beds and introduce some flowers.

Consider replacing some of your lawn with some planting or if you’re short of space pots work well. Pots either side of your front door are a lovely way to make your entrance more appealing, consider going oversized here with very large pots and neatly trimmed buxus for maximum impact.

If your front door opens directly onto the street, try a window box. You can change the blooms each season to make sure you have a burst of colour all year round.

Stand Out on Your Street - Simple Ways to Boost Your Home's Kerb Appeal

5. Paint the exterior

When choosing a colour for the exterior of your home its wise to stay away from yellows and peach tones, these don’t work well with the kind of light that we get in Ireland. Instead, go for something that has an early hue or hint of green to it.

Portland by Dulux is an excellent choice for those looking for an off-white. Don’t be afraid of the darker shade; these can work well for specific styles of house, a detached home will be able to get away with more than a semi-detached or terrace house where it is best to stick to a similar palette to the rest of the houses on your street.

Garden design

6. Change your Windows

Like changing your front door changing your windows will not only immediately change the appearance and kerb appeal of your home, but it will also dramatically improve your homes energy efficiency. Your taste and the style of your home will have a big part to play in the style that you select.

The front of the house is somewhere to be a little more reserved when it comes to the colour that you choose, I would recommend steering clear from anything trendy and instead opt for a timeless shade, for off-white I’d recommend RAL 9010 its a lovely soft white which works with almost any material.

If you’re keen on greys and the darker shades I’d go with an off black rather than a dark grey, another lovely shade is Agate grey which has a slightly Greene hue and works well with more traditional style windows.

7. Tidy up

And finally and most straightforward of all to improve kerb appeal is to do some housekeeping, clear out weeds and give paving and paths an excellent clean. Stone can discolour over time so use a power hose to get stone surfaces looking as good as new.

Wash the windows and make sure your doorstep is free from cracks, re-tile if necessary and most straightforward of all invest in a welcoming new doormat.

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