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How to organise your wardrobe to maxamise space

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Do you need more wardrobe space? You can never have enough storage and this is particularly true when it comes to storing clothes. The funny thing about it is that most wardrobes are pretty poorly fitted out – the available space is only being used to about 50% of its potential. Here are 6 easy ways to free up more space in your wardrobe. 

Hanging space trumps shelves every time

Instead of the traditional set-up of a high shelf with a hanging rail underneath (where things tend to disappear and be forgotten) opt instead to raise the hanging bar, which will allow a second rail below, doubling the capacity of the wardrobe.

You can also stagger your hanging bars at different levels within your wardrobe to allow you to have a mix of short and long hanging, meaning you’ll be able to utilise every centimeter of space.

Walk-in Wardrobe

Organise your wardrobe space according to your needs

To maximise the storage space you have, make sure it is tailored to your exact requirements. So figure out exactly what you need to hang and what can be folded. Hang up anything made out of easily creased material, such as cotton and linen. Blouses, skirts, dresses, trousers, jackets and blazers are best kept on hangers, while knitwear and more durable shirts can be folded, allowing you to organise your wardrobe space according to your needs.

Walk-in Wardrobe

Invest in some drawers

Drawers or pull out baskets are a better choice than shelves when it comes to storing anything that needs to be folded. Use them at low level for shoes meaning you can fill even the farthest corners of your wardrobe and still be able to find what you need when you need it.

Use dividers to further organise your drawers.  Subdivide large drawers or baskets to create compartments to store belts socks, scarves etc. These can be bought or made and will bring a whole new level of organisation to your wardrobe.

Shoe storage

Pull-out larder style cupboards are a fantastic way to store shoes. They can be very slim and allow you to maximise the full height of the wardrobes. Shelve the cupboard out and each shelf should be able to hold 2 – 3 pairs of shoes, for an average height wardrobe you should be able to store about 21 pairs of shoes all of which will be easy to find and access at all times.

Out of sight out of mind

Make the most of your wall space by using hooks and pegs to hang up handbags, scarves, ties and hats. They can also be attached to the back of wardrobe doors to use up as much dead space as possible. Making everything in your wardrobe as visible as possible is crucial to ensuring every item is used and not left lying neglected in the farthest corners.

Consider custom built wardrobes

And finally don’t rule out the option of having wardrobes custom made. It might seem like a big expense at the outset but it will mean that they are made to suit your exact requirements and to fit your space perfectly. A bespoke solution is especially suited to awkward spaces like attic bedrooms as you will be able to use every millimeter of space to its fullest capacity.

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