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From Empty Nest to Hobby Room: 4 reasons to repurpose that vacant bedroom

By September 26, 2023Home
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For many, the idea of a hobby room might have felt like a luxury their home couldn’t afford. But as kids prepare to go to college, many parents will find themselves with a newly vacant bedroom that could be the extra space they need. So rather than wallowing in empty nest woes, put that extra space to good use and ignite your spark for something new.

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A hobby room can benefit your overall well-being for several reasons. This space can provide a place to unwind, relax and aid in focus and concentration on activities you enjoy. Additionally, it serves as a convenient storage area for all your hobby equipment, helping reduce clutter and stress.

Designing a room that’s just for you can also give you a positive boost, as it allows you to tailor your interior design to align with your passions. Start by focusing on the atmosphere or ambience you want to create. There are many layers to this. Things like natural and artificial light, colour and acoustics will all significantly impact how the space makes you feel. 

When picking wall colours, let how you plan to use the room influence your colour selection. Bright or vivid colours create a stimulating effect, while more muted tones such as soft blues, pale greens and warm greys, will produce a more calming and relaxing atmosphere. So if you plan to create an art studio or craft space, you’ll want to opt for bright or fresh shades; if you plan a space for yoga or meditation, you should choose more calming and relaxing tones.

Be practical

Make sure the room is fit for purpose and that your hobby, while it brings you joy, won’t make the rest of the family miserable. Think of the impact the activity you plan for the room will have on the adjoining spaces. For example, if your passion is music or playing instruments, you might want to consider the acoustics and some soundproofing. 

Make sure your internal doors are good and solid. Hollow-core doors offer little noise protection and switching them to solid doors will make a massive difference to the sound travel within your home. 

If you have timber floors on an upper floor, you can install an acoustic underlay. This will help with dampening the sound of footsteps. For an additional measure, lay rugs in the upper rooms to further minimise noise.

Hobby Room

Flexible space

Your children will likely be home occasionally, so they still need space to sleep and keep some of their things. If planned properly, your hobby room can provide both functions equally well when required.  

Custom-built, adaptable storage is the key to creating a flexible space like this. For example, a craft room/bedroom should have a built-in desk within a cupboard that doubles as a wardrobe for clothes when your child is home. A customised joinery solution means your hobby space will work well for different functions as and when required.

Create space

While some hobby rooms are more common than others, the possibilities are endless. The pandemic and associated lifestyle changes have increased the desire for these specialised rooms. Home gyms or yoga studios are top of many clients’ wish lists, as well as entertainment rooms for games and movies and even home spas with saunas or steam rooms.

Don’t feel like dedicating an entire room to your passion is extravagant or indulgent. Creating a space for your passion can be rewarding because you can enjoy something you enjoy comfortably. As the saying goes, “Never regret anything that made you smile’.

Having a designated area to store all your passion-related items will help free up valuable space throughout the rest of the house. Perhaps your goal is to have a room solely for listening to vinyl records. By organising your record collection, audio equipment, and memorabilia in one area, you’ll have a designated space for listening and create free space elsewhere in the house that could be better utilised.

Whether you’re seeking a space to cultivate your passion for art, music, or wellness, a thoughtfully planned and adapted room can dramatically improve your wellbeing. So why not use this opportunity to create a personal sanctuary that nurtures your passions and inspires you to thrive?

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