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Expert tips to setup a strong and secure home Wi-Fi network

By June 24, 2021Home, Home Design
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With all of us spending so much time at home over the last 15 months the demand on our home Wi-Fi network has increased dramatically. Our homes have become more and more reliant on technology or the last few years, and smart devices are used multiple times a day. The need for a constant speed throughout the house has never been more pressing as the speed of your broadband has a direct impact on how well your smart devices perform.

I chatted with Cian O’Carroll of Reon Technologies to find out maintain good coverage and protect yourself and your family from some of the potential risks as our homes become more technology reliant.

Invest in a good quality router

According to Cian O’Carroll of Reon Technologies who specialises in installing home Wi-Fi and automation systems: “The router supplied by your internet service provider is generally a cheap device designed for a small home. Modern homes with quality insulation and older homes with thick walls require multiple Wi-Fi access points. You’ll also need a good quality router to ensure even and reliable coverage for your home Wi-Fi.”

Wi-Fi Working from home

Risk of hacking

The increasing number of wirelessly connected devices in our homes could prove irresistible to hackers. Many of the inexpensive versions of smart devices like light bulbs and security cameras can leave your network open to hacking. Rather than relying on the router provided by your broadband supplier it’s worth getting a professional to provide a more advanced version which will be more reliable and secure.

Kids room ideas

Online safety for kids

Another area of concern with things moving increasingly online is internet safety for kids. So it’s really important for parents to feel they have some control over the internet usage in their homes. One solution is to have two home wifi networks. One for parents and a separate one for kids. Both home wifi networks can run from the same router but can be managed independently.

“Only the adult has access to the parent wifi network and the kids network can be managed to allow access at certain times and days of the week.” says O’Carroll.

Online resources

If you are concerned about your child’s internet safety you could consider setting up a passcode on all of the devices they can access the internet with – that only you know. It’s also worth ensuring each device has a block on any types of site you consider to be risky.

It’s important to educate children about the nasty side of the internet but it can often fall on deaf ears. There are, however, some wonderful online resources which children really respond to such as The Cynja which is an online comic that helps to educate “kids of all ages” to help them make smart choices online and learn about online safety.

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