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7 steps to the ultimate kitchen makeover

By August 6, 2020Home
Kitchen Makeover

A kitchen makeover is one of the most popular home improvement projects right now. In a survey we carried out last month,  70% of people stated they plan on revamping this area of their home. Kitchens are also one of the largest outlays in any home renovation and are the place where we spend most of our time at home. So it’s no wonder that kitchens are the one area we get asked the most questions about. Here are 7 steps to follow for a successful kitchen makeover.

By the way, this week’s Instagram Live will be all about kitchens! I’ll be chatting with kitchen designer Ed Rhatigan of Rhatigan & Hick. We’ll be discussing where to start when planning a kitchen makeover and how to avoid some of the most commonly made kitchen design mistakes. We will also be answering any kitchen related questions that you may have. So if a kitchen makeover is on your to-do list, make sure you tune in this Saturday 8th August at 11 am. Follow us on Instagram to ask your questions.

Plan your layout carefully

When it comes to designing the best kitchen layout a simple, linear arrangement tends to function better than the more traditional wrap-around L-shaped and U-shaped versions. When planning your kitchen, try to open up space as much as possible to create good flow from the living area through to the kitchen and, if you can, out to the garden. 

The trick, when searching for inspiration for your kitchen makeover, is to look out for examples with a similar configuration to your own home, always keeping in mind though where the sink and hob have been positioned.

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Bring in Natural light

Whether you’re extending, converting or renovating, including roof lights in your kitchen is a fantastic way of introducing more daylight into your design. The higher the light source, the brighter the room will be. 

If you’re planning a major renovation, installing a roof window is a relatively easy job and can bring in up to 40% more light than a traditional window. 

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Consider open shelving

Open shelving is a fast-growing kitchen trend, following on from the idea of kitchens spilling into living spaces. Creating more areas for display will help to make your kitchen feel more integrated. However, bear in mind you’ll need to be a relatively tidy person to make this feature work in your own home.

Explore ways to achieve a streamlined look

Many contemporary kitchens are quite minimal in style. If you want to recreate this look in your own home, you need to be realistic about what you can achieve in the available space. 

Integrating appliances, such as a washing machine or under-counter fridge, is a great way to create a streamlined look, but if you want larger items, such as an American-style fridge-freezer, you’ll either need a generous-sized kitchen or a separate area, such as a pantry or utility room.

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Think about darker shades

Using darker colours in the kitchen is a growing trend and one that’s likely to continue. However, before committing to the latest moody hue, consider the light available in your kitchen, as you could find a dark design too oppressive. 

A clever way to give a nod to this style, if you think the whole look could be too much, is to go for a dark-painted island and keep the rest of the kitchen light.

Add a splash of marble

Marble and marble-style quartz worktops are becoming increasingly popular. They can add real design oomph, particularly when the rest of the kitchen is kept very plain. You could also consider the addition of a splashback, but bear in mind that stone and quartz are pricey, so work out your budget in advance.

Dip lightly into the latest trends

You’ll come across lots of new trends when collating ideas for your kitchen makeover but be careful about introducing too many bang-up-to-date looks in a big way, as you could quickly tire of them. A better idea is to select a plain design, then accessorise with the latest metal lighting and on-trend handles, say, as these are cost-effective and relatively easy to change. 

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