* Planning fee for larger-scale projects €5,500 plus VAT

Our Optimise Home Planning service is where we develop your approved design layout into a more detailed set of drawings to planning application standards. We will also prepare all associated documents and manage the planning application process on your behalf.


  • Preparation of the drawing set which includes existing and proposed drawings of site plans, floor plans, elevations, sections and contiguous elevations.
  • Sourcing of sitemap from Ordnance Survey Ireland
  • Preparation of the planning application form and a cover letter to accompany same.
  • Preparation of newspaper notice and lodgement of same.
  • Preparation and lamination of site notice (client to erect site notice).
  • Printing of 6 copies and lodgement of planning permission application with the relevant local authority and monitoring of progress.
  • A full planning pack with copies of all drawings and documentation will be provided for your own records.


  • We aim to lodge the planning application 4 weeks after commencement of this stage