The Ultimate Guide To Home Improvement

How To Start, Manage and Successfully Complete Your Dream  Project

Your Ultimate Guide To Home Improvement From Start To Finish!

 What You Absolutely Need To Consider Before You Even Start Your Project

Your easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide based on years of experience in the design of peoples homes

Years of experience condensed in an easy-to-follow guide

“Proper planning is essential and really is the key to success.”

This essential, easy-to-follow guide is the result of years of experience as a professional architect working with all kinds of clients and budgets. Created for both beginners and even the more experienced, this step-by step-workbook will show you how to turn your idea into reality covering the key points to consider before tackling any home improvement or extension project.

What’s Included In The Guide

Table Of Contents

Embarking on any kind of home renovation or extension project can be daunting. There’s so much to consider from the design and finish to your budget and timing, not to mention finding the best trades people and suppliers. What should be a really exciting time in your life can become stressful very quickly.

When you spend money on your home you want to be sure that you are investing wisely. But knowing where to
spend and where to pull back can be a very difficult decision and there is a lot of conflicting advice.

Don’t forget about the practical things when you’re planning the renovation of your home. There is so much to consider when you are planning a refurbishment
that it can be easy to focus on the aesthetics and forget about the less glamorous elements.

 Construction costs are on the rise, making it difficult for anyone embarking on a project to accurately budget. Before you start it’s worthwhile getting some advice.

Choosing the right person to design your home is critical. Make sure you are selecting them for the right reasons. A good relationship with the planning office should not be a deciding factor!

 One sure way to guarantee a successful and stress
free outcome to your home renovation or extension project is to have a really great builder. Never make
your choice based on a website or flyer that has been posted through your door.

To ensure the process moves along quickly It’s important to be realistic about your budget. All of the items on your wish list may not be achievable within your budget so compromises might need to be made.

Weekly Tracker

Track Your Typical Week At Home!

Take note, each day of the week of those little flaws you want to fix!

​Take note everyday

A simple but super effective way to spot what needs improvement

Every day we notice little things in our home that we wished were a little different but very few of us take the time to take note of them. This little booklet will help you prioritise the changes that need to be made and discuss them with your architect.

What’s Included In The Book

Colour Guide

Get The Perfect Shade For Any Room!

Your guide to how to choose the right colours for your home taught by a leading expert on a mission to start a colour revolution

Breaking the Old rules, but in a nice way...

using the power of colour to transform your life and improve your wellbeing at Home

Colour is an essential part of design, and it can have a powerful effect on how our home makes us feel. This guide will help you to understand why specific colours work and others don’t and will provide you with the tools to help you to select the perfect shade for any room in your home.

What’s Inside The Book

Table Of Contents

Why some colours always look fantastic and others never do, and what are the rules that you can follow to choose more wisely

Don’t be afraid to try different colours until you find the right ones! there is a certain amount of trial and error when it comes to choosing the right colours, so don’t be afraid to experiment and test things out – through mistakes we learn.

Some colours look warm and attractive when in reality, once on the walls of your home, they clash with everything. Other colours promise to brighten your rooms but react poorly in the light that comes with colder countries…so watch out!

The trick with creating an attractive and inviting neutral scheme is to use a variety of neutral shades together to create depth. When it comes to choosing your colour palette, try to keep it to 3 – 4 colours for your base tones, then you can build on this with accent colours!

Don’t be afraid to use dark colours! The trick when choosing a dark colour is your choice of shade. Really dark tones can fall into the category of neutral, and they also form the
perfect backdrop for hanging art.

Good design should be timeless. Trends can be fun, but you should add them in such a way that can be rotated out pretty quickly

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